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Coming to your doorstep: one more way to improve practice efficiency

For more than 25 years, veterinarians like you have counted on SNAP® tests to deliver quick, accurate results for a variety of common diseases and conditions. And now  we have found a way to make including them in your work flow even easier. 


Why we're updating SNAP test packaging

You’ve already got enough to think about. So we made the SNAP test packaging system more intuitive—with no changes to the tests or the process you’re used to. The clean, simple design makes it easier for you to grab the test and conjugate you need and go.

The new boxes will be clearly color-coded and labeled, including at-a-glance species identification and common test names. Color-coded box labels, conjugates, and inserts will simplify and speed up stocking, finding supplies, and test setup.


The boxes are being updated right now

You’ll start seeing the new box designs in your next orders. The color-coding on box labels, conjugate labels, and inserts will follow later this year.

The less time you or your staff spend finding the correct SNAP test, the more time and energy you have for what’s important—like attending to patients or reviewing results with their owners. The new SNAP test packaging system is one more way SNAP tests take care of themselves, so you can focus on caring for your patients.

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