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IDEXX Marketing Team

IDEXX Marketing Team

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Coming to your doorstep: one more way to improve practice efficiency

For more than 25 years, veterinarians like you have counted on SNAP® tests to deliver quick, accurate results for a variety of common diseases and conditions. And now  we have found a way to make including them in your work flow even easier. 

9 reasons we know the pet-human bond is stronger than ever

The pet-human bond is alive and well. In fact, your clients are increasingly incorporating their four-legged loved ones into their lives. If you’re harboring any doubts, these 9 stats will help you believe.

5 ways to get your practice ready for Diabetes Month

November is Diabetes Month and a perfect time to put this common endocrine disorder front and center in your practice. Make sure staff are aware of the signs and protocols, and that clients understand how to help diabetic pets live a happy, active life. 

Use this checklist to keep diabetes top of mind in your practice: