Neo Software

What's New

Two new features: Time zone presets; seamless workflows and 100% charge capture with SmartFlow (October ’18)

The “set it and forget it” time zone feature so many of you asked for is here! No more changing your setting at the beginning and end of Daylight Savings Time! Just review your selected time zone under Branch Details, update it if needed, and you’ll never need to change it again.

We’ve taken Neo’s streamlined workflows to the next level thanks to improved integration with the SmartFlow Patient Workflow Software. Easily track every step of your patient’s journey through your hospital from reception to treatment to checkout, with zero paper and 100% charge capture. Current SmartFlow users will especially appreciate how it and Neo behave like one product, with fewer clicks and information passed back and forth automatically. Specific enhancements include:

  • Simple one-step set up
  • Send patient visits from Neo to SmartFlow with one click
  • Charges sent from SmartFlow to Neo will include the Doctor on Duty
  • SmartFlow forms automatically download to the patient’s file in Neo when patient is discharged
  • Improved syncing happens every time you save product and provider details—no need to remember to do it manually