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New feature: Perfecting the Neo PO process (December 2019)

Inspired by some excellent user suggestions, we’ve scrutinized the Neo purchase order (PO) process from top to bottom. The result is over a dozen updates that make it easier to order and receive products, including:

  • The date picker now defaults to the last 30 days, with a maximum date range of one year.
  • One table shows all purchase orders in different statuses (Draft, Ordered, Partially Received, Received): no more toggling between three different tabs.
  • Bye-bye Critical Stock Shortage button, hello clickable link that displays an alert with the number of products needing to be ordered.
  • Easily order a product from any supplier: no need to update the product to order from another supplier!
  • Audit information is now updated when a draft PO is ordered, and you can see at a glance when it was ordered, by whom, and at what time.
  • No need to save a PO before submitting it—just click Complete Order, and you’re done!
  • Need to update your product prices to reflect your last order costs? Updating prices is improved and streamlined as part of the receipt workflow!

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