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New feature: Awesome appointment admin updates (May 2020)

Neo's schedule is essential for every member of the practice team, and we get lots of great suggestions on ways it could be improved. Here are just a few of the new appointment admin features that will make scheduling even easier and maximize available appointment times:   

  • Say goodbye to appointments scheduled for 3 pm Saturday when you actually close at 1 pm. Now you can set appointment hours by day of the week.         
  • Eliminate guesswork by setting appointment durations for each appointment type to ensure each patient gets the time and attention they require.         
  • Appointment 'To' times are now end times instead of the last time slot the appointment should display in, making scheduling easier for your staff.
  • Need to squeeze in an appointment type at the end of the day that would normally extend after hours? Neo automatically shortens the appointment and informs you.

We've also updated the create and edit appointment window, and improved scheduling from the client portal!

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