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National Veterinary Technician Week: A Thank You

This year’s National Veterinary Technician Week comes at a time when a show of appreciation is needed perhaps more than ever.  So to all the vet techs out there, we extend a huge thank you. 

For every weekend you’ve worked. 

For every time you’ve spoken up. 

For every soul you’ve given a voice to. 

For every x-ray you’ve taken. 

For every family event you’ve missed. 

For every bandage you’ve wrapped. 

For every tear you’ve shed. 

For every complaint you’ve absorbed. 

For every ache and pain you’ve developed. 

For every pug nail trim you’ve performed. 

For every cage you’ve cleaned. 

For every overtime hour you’ve logged. 

For every client communication you’ve crafted. 

For every client who has cried on your shoulder. 

For every vial of blood you’ve drawn. 

For every lunch break you’ve sacrificed. 

For every step count you’ve increased. 

For every piece of equipment you’ve maintained. 

For every diagnostic you’ve run. 

For every course you’ve taken. 

For every bruise and bite you’ve received. 

For every client you’ve educated. 

For every team member you’ve trained. 

For every pet owner you’ve comforted. 

For every patient you’ve advocated for. 

For every lost cause you’ve brought back. 

For every patient you’ve prepped for surgery. 

For every 3 legged, one-eyed, chronically ill animal you’ve adopted. 

For every anesthetic you’ve monitored. 

For every pain you’ve relieved. 

For every schedule you’ve created. 

For every fear you’ve quelled. 

For every system you’ve learned. 

For every CE credit you’ve earned. 

For every skill you’ve mastered. 

For every colleague you’ve inspired. 

For every life you’ve saved. 

For every single thing that you do.