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IDEXX Neo—October 27, 2015, release

This release includes enhancements and fixes.

Note: You must have the appropriate permissions to view or use some features.


IDEXX Diagnostics
  • If you place an order for a patient with a breed that is not mapped to IDEXX reference data, the order will still be placed. Breed is now an optional field, as it does not typically influence the test analysis. You can still map breeds you use in your practice to IDEXX reference data (Administration > IDEXX Diagnostics > Manage Species, Breeds, and Genders).
  • Order forms are printed using a menu bar in Neo rather than your browser.
  • If a consultation includes unordered diagnostics, you receive a warning that you cannot finalize a consultation that includes unordered diagnostics.
  • In the Default Diagnostics Markup box (Administration > Branch Settings), you can enter two decimal places (for example, 2.25).

  • Chat support, which is included with every subscription, is easier to access. In the menu, click Help & Support. On the Support page, click the Live chat button.

Language Changes
  • We continued our effort to update language in the user interface, messages, and tool tips to provide a more consistent user experience.

Client Portal
  • Passwords for the Client Portal have the same requirements as Neo user passwords.

Bug Fixes
  • A blank tax rate can no longer be associated with a product, which caused the product to be unusable. As you must associate a tax rate with a product; you can create a tax rate of 0% for products that are not taxed.
  • On the Appointments tab, the functionality from the Create Appointment and Find Patient buttons has been combined. When you click Create Appointment, the patient search window opens if you have not yet selected a patient. The Find Patient button is no longer on the Appointments window. You can also search for a patient from the New Appointment window.
  • Cloud Print settings associated with a form or certificate are properly saved.
  • For IDEXX Diagnostics, both the order and results dates are based on the branch time zone and are properly saved.
  • When products are ordered as a counter sale, the batch information on the product displays properly and the label prints.
  • If you search for patient while creating an appointment for a future date, the date is retained while you perform the search.