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IDEXX Neo—December 17, 2015, release

We have some exciting news! The next release of IDEXX Neo Veterinary Practice Management Software is now available.

Note: You must have the appropriate permissions to view or use some features.

New Feature!

Two-Way integration with IDEXX In-house Analyzers
  • Neo’s new, two-way integration with IDEXX In-house Analyzers makes the best in-class practice management diagnostic integration even better. It’s simple, saves you time and it helps you capture charges. You will also have accurate diagnostic records in Neo to support your clinical work.
  • Send diagnostic orders directly from Neo to your IDEXX VetLab Station, run the tests on your IDEXX In-house Analyzers and have the results automatically downloaded into the patient’s record in Neo.
  • VetConnect PLUS is used to simplify and speed up in-house laboratory work so you can quickly and effectively order, read, interpret, communicate and act on IDEXX diagnostics.
  • Setup is easy! There is no installation or configuration. You can connect in just minutes with no assistance needed, and you won’t be charged any ongoing service fees.
  • Use the built-in training to set up your integration and learn how to order diagnostics, review results and reconcile unmatched orders.

Note: there is no need to install any software locally to support this integration.

Enhancements & Bug Fixes
  • Improvements in the 2-way integration of IDEXX Reference Laboratories Diagnostics.
  • If a patient has been marked as inactive or deceased, the tag stating that appears below the name in search results.
  • You can print an IDEXX Reference Laboratories order form from the ellipsis menu on an order. Note: You can still print the order form from the order line item on a consultation using the menu (ellipsis) button.
  • Prescription labels print correctly.
  • When you add a new appointment, the search for a patient feature works properly.
  • Uploading a logo works properly.
  • SMS messages are sent properly.