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What's New

New feature: Creating a single high-low estimate (April 2019)

You told us that creating an estimate should be easier, and you were right. Forget creating separate high and low estimates: now you can make a single estimate with high and low amounts, and even add discounts. Build your estimate with just a few clicks; and give it a unique name, so it is easy to locate in the patient’s estimate tab.

New feature: Reports are easier to find and use (March 2019)

You don’t have time to hunt for reports, so we’ve made them easier to navigate to, find, and understand. Use the new search functions to quickly find reports by title, description, or what they’re commonly used for. A thumbnail image even shows you how the data will be displayed (as a table, chart, or list). This is the first of multiple reporting improvements we’ll make throughout the year! 

New feature: Creating and updating estimates just got easier (March 2019)

Ready for a simpler, more direct way to create estimates? Now you can create an estimate right from your patient’s appointment with one click, so the appointment status will update throughout the appointment! Or create an estimate outside the appointment workflow when viewing the patient record. And once your client accepts the estimate, you can convert it to a consultation.  This improvement paves the way for another feature we’ll be introducing soon: high/low estimates!

New feature: Make checkout time faster and more accurate with Neo Payments (February 2019)

Ready for credit card processing that’s simple, fast and straightforward? Neo Payments is built right into Neo, so it automatically sends the invoice amount directly to the payment terminal and back to save time and prevent mistakes. And you can process payments from multiple workstations or on the go using mobile payment devices.

New feature: Applying discounts just got easier (February 2019)

Confession time: we made it waaaay too complicated to calculate discounts on patient invoices. But those days are over. Now you can apply a discount to one or more consultation products within seconds - while Neo automatically calculates the discount for you!