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What's New

New feature: Neo Practice Dashboard (December 2019)

Beefing up Neo’s reporting capabilities has been a top priority this year, and we’re thrilled to share the latest with you: The Neo Practice Dashboard. Need a quick summary of real-time key performance indicators (KPIs) like average client transaction, gross sales, net sales, or number of new clients and patients? Hungry to see your practice data visualized in a cutting-edge, graphical way? Need the flexibility to choose any date range? Check out your Practice Dashboard at the top of the Reports page! All users with the business owner role or System Admin permission will automatically receive access, and they can give access to anyone else who needs it. Better still: the report is printable.

New feature: Perfecting the Neo PO process (December 2019)

Inspired by some excellent user suggestions, we’ve scrutinized the Neo purchase order (PO) process from top to bottom. The result is over a dozen updates that make it easier to order and receive products, including:

  • The date picker now defaults to the last 30 days, with a maximum date range of one year.
  • One table shows all purchase orders in different statuses (Draft, Ordered, Partially Received, Received): no more toggling between three different tabs.
  • Bye-bye Critical Stock Shortage button, hello clickable link that displays an alert with the number of products needing to be ordered.
  • Easily order a product from any supplier: no need to update the product to order from another supplier!
  • Audit information is now updated when a draft PO is ordered, and you can see at a glance when it was ordered, by whom, and at what time.
  • No need to save a PO before submitting it—just click Complete Order, and you’re done!
  • Need to update your product prices to reflect your last order costs? Updating prices is improved and streamlined as part of the receipt workflow!

New feature: Appointment Reporting and Scheduler Updates (October 2019)

We’ve updated Neo’s reporting capabilities, and it’s all thanks to your input! For starters we’ve added the new Appointment Summary report. This new report lets you quickly drill down into appointment data including appointments on your schedule that never arrived. We’ve also improved the Reports page, so it’s easier than ever to get the data you depend on. Individual users can now “favorite” the reports they rely on most; and new reports will automatically appear at the top of the Reports page, so you’ll know about them as soon as they’re released. We’ve also updated the schedule with the option to see appointments in a list for a more compact, printer-friendly view.

New feature: Easier sharing of medical history with clients and third parties (October 2019)

You asked for an easier way to share a more complete patient medical history with clients and third parties – and now you can! Vaccines, prescriptions, weights, reminders, and final results are now available in the client portal. Even better, the same medical information - plus problems - is also available for sharing through third party access

New feature: Integrated ordering and results viewing for Antech Diagnostics (October 2019)

We’ve given the Neo treatment to ordering and viewing diagnostic results from Antech! Now you can order tests from Antech in seconds right from a consultation. And when results are available, they’ll automatically download right to the Results tab of the patient record. Incorporating Antech ordering in Neo eliminates the need to add Antech results to a patient’s Files tab, reduces missed charges, and gives you more time for your patients—more ways Neo is making your workflow as efficient as possible!