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What's New

New feature: Automated callbacks and task list updates (July 2019)

Manually adding callbacks to the task list? Fuggedaboutit! Now Neo lets you create automatic callback reminders for any item or service you dispense. Setup is a breeze: just enter a standard message/description for the reminder (like “Post-surgery follow up” or “New patient visit”), choose the number of days after the item is dispensed for the reminder to appear, and you’re done. The callback then appears like magic in the line-item provider’s task list after the patient invoice has been closed. Better still: you can create a consultation from the callback with one click and notes transfer from the task. We’ve also given you the flexibility to set up unlimited special actions—yet another way user feedback helps us bring you the most efficient workflow available.

New feature: iPad experience and form updates to wow your clients and staff (June 2019)

You’re going to love how Neo now performs when entering consultations on the iPad—it’s smooth as silk! Even better: you can add tap-able checkboxes to procedure templates and client-facing forms, so completing them is easier and more efficient than ever, whether you’re a client giving consent or a doctor completing SOAP notes. Inserting images into forms is a breeze now, too: just select any image stored on the device; and you’re done!

New feature: Enhancing special action timing and patient age range (May 2019)

Users told us they like how special actions save time and ensure that key tasks are completed consistently—except when those actions occur sooner than staff expect or want, like when a reminder is triggered for an item that’s added to a consultation but later removed. We’ve fixed that by setting the default timing of special actions to occur at the end of the visit when you mark a consultation ready to be paid.  And just in time for puppy and kitten season, we’ve adjusted how patient age is displayed to reflect how humans commonly think of it; so it’s easier for you to determine whether a patient is old enough for specific services.

New feature: Master problems list (April 2019)

Check out the new Problems tab in the patient record; it reveals a complete list of every problem recorded in a patient’s consultations. Problems added or deleted in the master problem list section of a consultation are automatically reflected in this master problem list—and yes, the list is easy to print! 

New feature: Nifty new sales by product and discount summary reports (April 2019)

Our latest updates to Neo’s reporting capabilities are here! The new Sales by Product Class and Discount Summary reports provide three progressively detailed layers of information, so you can get a quick summary in chart form, or take a deep dive into the data itself. Each report is also packed with key performance indicators users told us they need to run their business successfully. One more improvement practice owners told us they’d like for privacy reasons: financial information is now collapsed and hidden when you first log in to Neo or go to the home page.