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NEW: Prescription management updates (September 2020)

Thanks to your feedback, you can now edit and void prescriptions and discontinue remaining refills in Neo - even when the consultation has been closed! Effective immediately you can:

NEW feature: Automatic discounting and bulk updates (July 2020)

How awesome would it be if Neo automatically gave a discount to specific clients on certain products or services of your choosing? Now it can! The new automatic discounting feature makes it easy to earmark which pet owners should receive a discount. Ditto for products! Plus we’ve added the ability to make bulk updates to enable product discounts and change tax rates as well. 

NEW: Assigning tax exempt status to clients (July 2020)

Now it’s easy to assign tax exempt status to applicable clients (shelters, rescues, etc.), so they’re automatically never charged sales tax on any product or service!

New feature: Extend the reach of your practice with Vetstoria (June 2020)

Vetstoria integrates with Neo, allowing you to increase the reach of your practice by offering online appointment booking and video consultations—all without needing to download an app. 

New feature: Add TPR right in the consultation (June 2020)

NEW: Add TPR right in the consultation

Now you can add temperature, pulse, and respiration (as well as weights) right in the consultation—and it will all save on the new Vitals tab (previously the Weights tab). Additional improvements include: