IDEXX @ WVC 2019

Featured in-booth talks at WVC

Hidden Treasure: Optimizing Workflow

Speaker: Ivan Zakharenkov, DVM

There are bottlenecks in your practice disrupting the team’s workflow. Learn how to identify them and optimize your workflow in this 10-minute talk at IDEXX booth #2118. 

Dr. Ivan Zakharenkov is a veterinarian, business owner, and has consulted over 500+ practices around the world. His experience in the veterinary profession led him to develop SmartFlow, a workflow optimization system.

Talk Schedule

10:10 am

2:00 pm

12:05 pm

Catalyst Progesterone: An introduction

Speaker: Graham E. A. Bilbrough, MA, VetMB, CertVA, MRCVS

Missing the 'breeding window' is hugely upsetting for dog breeders as seven months is a long time to wait for the next opportunity. Serial progesterone measurements help to maximize the chances of conception and the litter size. Learn how the new Catalyst Progesterone enables your practice to provide immediate answers to anxious breeders at IDEXX booth #2118.

Talk Schedule

11:25 am
2:30 pm

10:05 am
4:10 pm

11:30 am

Social media for veterinarians: How to conduct a marketing 'wellness exam'

Speaker: Emma Lishness, IDEXX Social Media Specialist

As a veterinary professional, you know how important wellness exams are for the health of your patients. But did you know a wellness exam is also an important part of your social media marketing? Learn to perform a wellness exam on your social media profiles and keep your marketing healthy throughout 2019.

Learn more about this talk and get a free social media wellness exam worksheet from IDEXX.

Talk Schedule

10:50 am
1:55 pm
3:45 pm

9:30 am
11:20 am