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IDEXX Water and Surfrider Foundation: Working together to test Puerto Rico's water quality

IDEXX Water is committed to the relief efforts of devastating natural disasters and we have been a contributor to the clean water efforts of the Surfrider Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to the protection of the world’s oceans and beaches through education and advocacy.

Our most recent efforts have been with Surfrider’s Rincón, Puerto Rico chapter through the Blue Water Task Force (BWTF) program. It’s been almost four months since Hurricane Maria made landfall in Puerto Rico, unleashing the 155 mile-per-hour winds of a Category 4 hurricane on the island. Recovery efforts have been challenging and are still ongoing. As of this blog posting, only 79% of the island has electricity and 96% of the island has water – with some of the more rural areas only at 87% with water access. (Source:  www.status.pr)

The BWTF began testing many of the freshwater streams, springs and sources of drinking water throughout their community with donated IDEXX tests. They are testing freshwater for e. coli to understand which sources of water have been contaminated with human or animal sources of fecal pollution and if they are safe for human contact or drinking.

You can read the full blog post and learn more about the Surfrider Foundation’s work here.

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