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Introducing IDEXX Currents

Introducing IDEXX Currents – your online resource for water professionals like you. We’ve gathered the latest information on the issues that matter most to you and put it on one handy website. Now, instead of searching the internet for answers to your most pressing laboratory questions but somehow reading 14 cat posts that are scientifically proven to make you smarter, simply go to idexxcurrents.com to find the answers you seek. 

We created Currents for you – our valued customer. We talked to many of you on the phone, at trade shows, and in your labs – and we heard the same thing: you’ve got lots of questions about improving your lab, but resources and time are scarce. You want answers fast, but don’t know where to look.

At IDEXX Currents, we’ve created content categories based on your feedback - Run Your Lab, Communicate Better, Manage Your Team, Stay Compliant, and News & Research. In each of these categories you’ll find insights and resources dedicated to your success.

So, what can you expect at IDEXX Currents? You’ll find the latest articles written by independent journalists and industry experts, with brand new content being added every week. Looking for time management tips or how to find the right LIMS system for your lab? Need to connect with your community or maybe get ready for an audit? IDEXX Currents has informative articles without having to scour the internet for answers.

Next time you are tempted to click on that doggo video, check out IDEXX Currents and see what’s new. And let us know what you think – we’d love to hear your feedback or content ideas. Send us an e-mail at water@idexx.com.

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