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March Madness - Legionella Edition!

For the month of March, the Journal AWWA will grant free access to the February 2020 cover story article, “Managing Legionella pneumophila in Water Systems.” The article, written by Mark LeChevallier, PhD, principal of Dr. Water Consulting LLC (www.drwaterconsulting.com), outlines how utilities can remain in compliance with existing regulations and take additional steps to protect their communities from the risk of Legionnaires’ disease. 

Big News for Legiolert: we have been granted the NF Validation by AFNOR Certification

Great news coming out of our Newmarket, UK office! Our Legiolert test, which tests for Legionella pneumophila, has been granted the NF Validation by AFNOR Certification, under the reference No IDX 33/06 – 06/19.

Introducing IDEXX Currents

Introducing IDEXX Currents – your online resource for water professionals like you. We’ve gathered the latest information on the issues that matter most to you and put it on one handy website. Now, instead of searching the internet for answers to your most pressing laboratory questions but somehow reading 14 cat posts that are scientifically proven to make you smarter, simply go to idexxcurrents.com to find the answers you seek. 

It's Urban Runoff Season

The calendar once again has turned to April (seems like it happens every year) and those of us in colder climates turn to thoughts of warmer weather, melting snow and that special time of the year in Maine, mud season. This muddy, mucky time of the year comes when the melting remnants of winter and spring rains wash pollution into our waterways…better known to most people as urban runoff season. 

World Water Day is March 22

March 22 has been designated World Water Day by the United Nations (UN) to draw attention to the millions of people around the world who still do not have access to clean, safe water. The UN launched the long-running campaign in 1993 to support their Sustainable Development Goals of safe access to clean water for everyone by the year 2030.