VMX Conference Tips

Social media for veterinarians: How to conduct a marketing 'wellness exam'

IDEXX's Shelby MacLeod presented social media marketing tips for veterinarians at VMX 2019. Follow these steps to perform a wellness exam on your social media profiles and keep your marketing healthy.

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Putting PR into Practice: How to Leverage Local Media for Practice Success

In this presentation, gain an understanding of why your veterinary practice might want to do PR, and learn a framework for how you can do it in a manageable, effective way.

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3 ways to stay healthy at VMX

If you’re like a lot of veterinary professionals, your New Year’s resolutions to eat healthier, exercise more, or focus on your overall well-being typically come to a screeching halt the minute you board your flight to Orlando for the first major veterinary conference of the year: VMX. But, this year can be different. (No, really!) Here’s how you can stay healthy at VMX.

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8 common mistakes to avoid at VMX

Joining 17,000 of your closest friends and colleagues for the first time and feeling intimidated? Don’t be! Just avoid these common mistakes and it will be a fantastic experience.

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Traveling for veterinary conferences: pack like a pro

Just in time for VMX, here’s a list of packing tips to help take your work-travel skills from rookie to pro.

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