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Tech tip: requesting add-ons for IDEXX Reference Laboratory orders

Next time you need to run additional diagnostics at the lab after receiving a patient’s results, save time placing the order and reconciling results by letting Cornerstone take care of it for you!

It only takes a few clicks, and following this approach ensures that:

  • A new pending lab request is created in ‘the beaker’
  • Results come in as expected without need for reconciliation 
  • The new test is part of the original lab report
  • The charge is captured on the PVL
  • And you don’t have to interruot your work flow to make an extra phone call. 

In Cornerstone 8.7 NEXT, we made this process even simpler by including the Add-on to Lab Request to the Patient Clipboard patient right-click Lab menu.

1. Just pull up your patient on the Clipboard

2. Right click > Lab > Add-on to Lab Request.

3. From the Add-on to Lab Request for.. window, select the requisition row.

4. The Reference Lab order window opens, with the previously ordered tests listed on the right. Search for and select the test you wish to add, click Order and that’s it.

IDEXX will receive the notification electronically…

a new pending request will appear in your practice’s beaker…

and the charge captured to the Patient Visit List. Pretty cool, huh?

Not on Cornerstone 8.7 NEXT yet? You just have a couple more clicks: 

  • Activities > Lab Work > Add On to a Lab Request  
  • Pull up the patient and then follow steps 3 and 4 above

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