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Tech tip: cancelling IDEXX Reference Laboratory orders without picking up the phone

Electronic submittal cancellation is a fast, easy way to cancel IDEXX Reference Laboratory orders right from Cornerstone. And it doesn’t just save you time: it also reduces orphan charges and not-requested results too. Here are a few things to keep in mind to make sure tests are truly canceled and not billed to the practice. While some of these may seem a no brainer, following these will address both expected and not expected orphan/not requested results and really make it easier for you!

  1. Always print and include the MOST RECENT requisition form with your sample submissions! Reusing a requisition form from a deleted request will be read at the lab as ‘canceled’. 
  2.  Until the sample is scanned at the lab (sample en route), deleting a request (canceling) will be communicated to the lab and the sample will NOT be processed. No call to make, or message to click through! Simple!
  3. Once the sample is scanned at the lab, deleting a request in Cornerstone will result in a new message, reminding you to call the lab to confirm the cancellation.

Failure to call the lab will result in the sample being processed, (practice billed for the test) and results will be returned to you as orphaned.

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