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Search tips to get to the right client and patient

Clients with similar names. Multiple owners of the same pet. Dozens of dogs named Duke. We’ve all spent precious time searching for a patient or client—only to find that we’ve turned up the wrong one. Here is a refresher of search options, overlooked methods and how 9.1’s client/patient search tool is a game changer.

From the Patient Clipboard, or other windows where you need to enter a client or patient ID, you know F2/double-click in the ID field will bring up the corresponding list. From these windows, you can search by name, include inactives, and the like. For clients, I especially like searching by phone number to avoid spelling variations on names or misunderstanding verbal spelling as many letters sound alike. Patient searches can include the client last name by using a comma after the patient name and typing first few letters of the client last name. Here are some other cool search tools:

  • Use the % sign in name, microchip or tag fields to act as a search for word. EX: %Linda in a client first name field will return all first names containing Linda, such as “Rob and Linda.” Or, as a tag search if a found dog comes in and you can only read the last few numbers of the tag.
    Cornerstone tag search.
  • On either Client or Patient list window, you can use F7 and F8 to cycle back (F7) or forward (F8) thru the recently accessed clients and patients from your workstation. Really helpful when you share computers, coming back to yours after stepping away and the client you had up was changed.
  • While not searchable, you can use the Daily Planner. For example, using the Checked in tab to access all checked in patients (and the View for all Staff checkbox), click the column headers to sort the patients based on your preference to quickly locate the one you need. Then simply right click and you can open their Patient Clipboard! This sorting and right-click > Patient Clipboard option is available from any tab of the Daily Planner!
    Cornerstone daily planner.
  • You already know you can do a patient search by name, microchip, vaccine tag or ID. But did you know that based on patient default settings, search results may display Owner name or ID, breed, vaccine tag and/or microchip? Review your settings under Controls > Defaults > Practice & Workstation > Patient (you’ll also see your recent accessed records setting here too for the F7, F8 functionality)
    Cornerstone patient defaults.

In Cornerstone 9.1, we introduced a more streamlined search option for clients and patients. 

  • Uses the same search criteria you are accustomed to, along with use of %, F7 and F8 as mentioned previously
  • Added benefit of a new and much requested breed search for patients! 
  • Results display in ‘cards’ that provide more identifying details such as client address, alerts and more and 
  • You can switch between client and patient search without leaving the window. 
  • Right-click menus on a card provide jumps to common tasks without necessarily having to go to the Patient Clipboard, although that is most certainly on the menu!

Cornerstone client card.

Cornerstone search result by breed.


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