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January 2019 lab tip: Updating IDEXX Reference Laboratory pricing in Cornerstone

If you’re on Cornerstone 8.4 NEXT and higher, your IDEXX Reference Laboratory Directory of Services updates daily. For those who don’t have Cornerstone set up to automatically update prices, here are a couple ways you can do it manually with a minimum of effort. Get into the habit of updating your reference laboratory invoice items soon after you receive your new IDEXX Reference Laboratory pricing. 

My preferred method is to use the Update Lab Item Prices tool under the Activities > Lab Work menu. It does not require exclusive use of Cornerstone, and if using the same markup for all reference lab tests, it takes just a couple clicks and you are done! The tool only displays items that “need” a price change based on current list price and your default or entered markup percentage. You can also elect to only increase prices or allow prices to go down based on the markup. And, you can view the list by item description or ID by clicking the column header. Want to see all of your IDEXX Reference lab items? Simply uncheck the Hide rows with no invoice item price changes check box. You can also manually enter prices per item here if you prefer, if you want to use contract pricing or varying markup percentages to determine your client price.

The second method is the Mass Markup tool. This requires exclusive use of Cornerstone, so timing would need to be taken into consideration. Also, a current backup is highly recommended before proceeding. The advantage of this method is you can apply a percentage or dollar value change to all items, or a list of items based on item type, class or even subclass. You can even opt to round the price to a desired value or apply a minimum amount. You can click Calculate to see the new price compared to the current price before applying any changes. Items display in ID order only.

For comparison, here are the 2 tools side by side:

Update Lab Item Prices tool sorted by description

Mass Markup tool filtered for IDEXX reference lab items

Want more information on IDEXX lab integration with Cornerstone? Check out the IDEXX Lab Learning journey on the IDEXX Learning Center. From setup, ordering and result reconciliation, we’ve got you covered. And it’s FREE! Just log in with your Learning Center credentials.

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