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Free remote access to Cornerstone

We’ve partnered with ISL Online to bring you 90 days of free remote access to Cornerstone Software from wherever you are. ISL Online is a trustworthy provider of remote access solutions. They normally offer a 15-day trial, but we’ve arranged with them to automatically extend that to 90 days for Cornerstone users.

Your free, no-commitment trial allows up to five users in your practice to access Cornerstone Software remotely. Follow these steps to start your trial:

  1. Click here to register for your free trial.
  2. Set up 2-step verification with the ISL Online authenticator app for enhanced security.
  3. Add a computer, connect to a computer, or add users.

For questions or help during your trial, contact ISL Online support by chat, at 1-877-475-6654, or

Note: We do not recommend this solution if your Cornerstone Software network has nonencrypted payment devices connected to it. If you have encrypted (P2PE) payment devices connected, like those we provide for integrated Cornerstone Payments, you will have no issue.

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