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Optimize reproductive efficiency with the
IDEXX Milk Pregnancy Test


The IDEXX Milk Pregnancy Test helps maximize milk production and profitability. Find a milk testing laboratory and do more with your cow and goat milk samples.


"We are using the IDEXX Milk Pregnancy Test at 120–150 days pregnant; it is accurate, easy and saves us time. By using the test, we are able to confirm pregnancy without affecting the daily routine of the cows."
Amy Johnson, Herd Manager, Johnson Hill Farms LLC

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Identify open animals
  • Confirm pregnancy as early as 28 days postbreeding (cows and goats) and 60 days postcalving (cows)
  • Avoid additional animal handling and labor by adding the test to routine milk samples
Confirm with confidence
  • Provides accuracy on par with ultrasound (cows and goats) and palpation (cows)
  • Detects pregnancy-associated glycoproteins (PAGs)
  • Uses trusted ELISA technology for reliable laboratory-based results
Work with your veterinarian
  • Develop a reproductive management program
  • Manage open or infertile animals
  • Implement a proactive and preventive herd health program