Simplify Data Transfers with SNAPconnect® Software

Download Free SNAPconnect® Software for Your SNAPshot® DSR Reader


SNAPconnect® software lets you connect your SNAPshot® DSR Reader to a PC. 

With SNAPconnect software, you can control the reader from your PC, download records to your hard drive and display, customize and print reports.


NOTE: You will need a serial or a USB A/B cable to connect the reader to your PC.


Download the SNAPconnect Software Operator's Guide (PDF, 314 KB)


To download the SNAPconnect software:
  1. Start your reader.
  2. From the Main screen, select Utilities, then System Test.
  3. If the Micro Firmware Version is RevJ, download SNAPconnect software, Rev J. (5.9 MB, .zip file)

If the Micro Firmware version is RevE, download SNAPconnect software, Rev E. (7.1 MB, .exe file)

If the Micro Firmware Version is RevG, download SNAPconnect software, Rev G. (7.4 MB, .exe file)


NOTE: If you ever receive a "Sync Mismatch, Please Upgrade" error on your reader, the wrong version of SNAPconnect software is installed.