IDEXX Enterolert-DW Obtains the First AFNOR NF VALIDATION for Detection of Enterococci in Drinking Water

CERGY-PONTOISE, December 05, 2013—IDEXX announces that the Association Française de Normalisation (AFNOR) has just granted NF Validation to the method Enterolert-DW and Quanti-Tray for the detection of enterococci in drinking water (Certificate Number IDX 33/03-10/13). This new validation makes Enterolert-DW the first and only method validated by AFNOR for the detection of enterococci bacteria in drinking water.

AFNOR, the French national organization for standardization, is an independent and impartial organization operating according to EN45011 and is the body responsible for issuing the NF Validation mark. The certification for Enterolert-DW and Quanti-Tray was granted under the NF validation scheme for water microbiological analysis. The validation is the result of an independent study in which a total of 12 laboratories participated. This extensive study, which was evaluated by an independent panel of experts, demonstrated Enterolert-DW to be equivalent to the official method of testing for enterococci bacteria in drinking water. In addition, the data generated will also facilitate the accreditation of laboratories using this methodology.

“This validation demonstrates the accuracy and specificity of Enterolert-DW,” said Philippe Rousselin, PhD, EMEA Regulatory Manager, IDEXX Laboratories. “In addition, the ease of use of the Quanti-Tray and rapid turnaround time for the test result make Enterolert-DW suitable for municipalities, utilities and testing laboratories.” The Enterolert-DW/Quanti-Tray method is intended for the analysis of drinking water samples and has already been approved in the United Kingdom, Germany and Belgium. The Enterolert-DW/Quanti-Tray method provides quantitative, confirmed results for the detection of enterococci in drinking water samples within 24 hours.

AFNOR has previously validated the Colilert-18/Quanti-Tray method from IDEXX as the first method for the testing of both drinking water and bathing water for coliform bacteria and E.coli.

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