IDEXX Presents IDEXX ImageBank Cloud-Based Storage System for its Veterinary Digital Imaging Customers [Trade]

Service automatically backs up images and provides easy online access

WESTBROOK, Maine, November 25, 2013—IDEXX Laboratories announces a new offering for its digital imaging customers, IDEXX ImageBank storage system—a cloud-based image storage solution that works seamlessly with IDEXX-PACS Imaging Software. Customers can be confident that their images are securely stored and accessible in an online viewer at any time from their desktop, laptop or tablet through IDEXX VetConnect PLUS diagnostic results reporting service.

“IDEXX Digital Imaging strives to help veterinarians provide the highest standard of care to their patients while offering tools for practice efficiency,” said Penny Guyton, Senior Director and General Manager, IDEXX Digital Imaging. “Our customers will now have the confidence of knowing their digital images are automatically backed up, eliminating the risk of human error and the need for expensive on-site servers. In addition, IDEXX ImageBank storage system allows customers to safely access their images for real-time sharing from multiple locations.”

IDEXX ImageBank storage system provides cloud storage for an unlimited number of diagnostic images, including radiographs, ultrasound, CT and MR. Integration with IDEXX-PACS Imaging Software enables IDEXX ImageBank to automatically and safely back up digital images from multiple locations using a secure cloud storage technology. IDEXX also offers a service to migrate legacy images so that all of a practice’s images can be stored in the same secure location.

Secure image backup ensures that veterinary practices are in compliance with their respective state’s image retention requirements, where applicable. IDEXX Image Bank is affordably priced and compares favorably to other storage options—customers pay only for the amount of storage they need, and packages start at low monthly rates. With IDEXX, images always remain the property of the practice.

IDEXX ImageBank is accessible through IDEXX VetConnect PLUS, which allows customers to see all their IDEXX diagnostic results on one screen, facilitating results trending as well as comparison of reference laboratory results with in-house diagnostics. Results are accessible anytime, anywhere, from home or practice, laptop computer or tablet. After logging into IDEXX VetConnect PLUS, a simple click on the home screen links users directly to the IDEXX ImageBank viewer for easy, convenient access to patient images.

IDEXX ImageBank storage system is available now. IDEXX Digital Imaging customers can sign up today. Visit our website or call 1-855-627-6573 for more information.

About IDEXX Digital Imaging
IDEXX Digital Imaging offers an innovative line of digital radiography systems that provide the highest standard of image sharpness and clarity in just one exposure. Practitioners can view images within seconds and, using IDEXX-PACS veterinary-specific image management software, can easily store images in electronic patient medical records for immediate access and sharing with radiology consultants. IDEXX ImageBank storage system provides secure cloud-based image storage.

About IDEXX Laboratories
IDEXX Laboratories, Inc. is a leader in pet healthcare innovation, serving practicing veterinarians around the world with a broad range of diagnostic and information technology-based products and services. IDEXX products enhance the ability of veterinarians to provide advanced medical care, improve staff efficiency and to build more economically successful practices. IDEXX is also a worldwide leader in providing livestock and poultry diagnostic tests and tests for the quality and safety of water and milk. Headquartered in Maine, IDEXX Laboratories employs more than 5,500 people and offers products to customers in more than 175 countries.


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Senior Marketing Manager, Digital Imaging