IDEXX Laboratories Announces a New Fructosamine Test to Help Veterinarians Better Manage Diabetic Patients [Trade]

The new fructosamine slide for the Catalyst Dx Chemistry Analyzer provides rapid and accurate fructosamine levels to aid in the management and diagnosis of diabetic dogs and cats

WESTBROOK, Maine, October 10, 2013—IDEXX Laboratories announces the addition of fructosamine testing to its unparalleled test menu for the Catalyst Dx Chemistry Analyzer. With a single fructosamine slide, veterinarians can get an average of blood glucose levels for the previous 2–3 weeks using just one blood sample with results available during the client visit. When run in support of glucose curves, fructosamine testing with the Catalyst Dx analyzer provides a more complete view of patient health, facilitating diabetes management for patients, clients and staff.

“Many veterinarians over the years have asked IDEXX to develop an accurate and affordable point- of-care fructosamine test,” said Tina Hunt, Director, IDEXX VetLab Chemistry. “We’re now pleased to fulfill this request with the new fructosamine slide for the Catalyst Dx Chemistry Analyzer, which provides accurate results in less than 9 minutes. When assessed with blood glucose levels, the veterinarian is now able to modify insulin therapy, educate clients and address any questions or concerns, all within the appointment time frame.”

Managing diabetes in cats and dogs is a stressful, labor-intensive and lifelong process for pets and pet owners. For cats, accurately measuring blood glucose is especially difficult, as the natural feline response to stress can cause blood glucose levels to spike. Fructosamine levels are not sensitive to stress and excitement and can offer a more reliable assessment of underlying glucose levels in those patients. Additionally, by assessing an average of the blood glucose levels over the previous 2–3 weeks, fructosamine testing provides a more robust picture of glucose regulation and is recommended by the American Animal Hospital Association, in addition to blood glucose curves, to monitor the diabetic dog and cat.1

“A diabetes diagnosis presents a range of challenges for pets, clients and practitioners,” said J. Catharine Scott-Moncrieff, VetMB, MS, MA, DACVIM, DECVIM, Purdue University College of Veterinary Medicine. “Therapy and monitoring can be very complex and difficult for everyone involved, which often has a negative effect on compliance. Point-of-care fructosamine testing with the Catalyst Dx analyzer allows for real-time concurrent interpretation of the blood glucose curve and fructosamine, while at the same time reducing stress and frustration for the owner and veterinarian.”

The fructosamine slide was developed through collaboration with some of the world’s leading endocrinologists for advanced accuracy and excellent correlation to a reference laboratory environment with virtually no effect from hemolytic samples.

Fructosamine is the latest addition to the expanding test menu available exclusively on the Catalyst Dx analyzer. Prior to fructosamine, the most recent addition was phenobarbital.

The fructosamine slide will be available to ship in late December to the U.S. (early January 2014 in Canada). To preorder, call your authorized distributor representative. To learn more about the Catalyst Dx Chemistry Analyzer and its unparalleled menu of exclusive tests, call 1-800-355-2896 or go to (U.S.) or (Canada).

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Tina Hunt
Director, IDEXX VetLab Chemistry


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