IDEXX Laboratories Announces Availability of IDEXX VetConnect PLUS for Canadian Veterinary Practices [Trade]

A patient’s entire IDEXX diagnostic laboratory history now on one screen, anytime, anywhere, for quicker, more confident medical decisions

WESTBROOK, Maine, July 30, 2013—IDEXX Laboratories announces that IDEXX VetConnect PLUS diagnostic results reporting is now available in Canada. VetConnect PLUS lets veterinarians view, on one screen, a patient’s entire blood work history generated by IDEXX point-of-care equipment and IDEXX Reference Laboratories. Results are presented in an easy-to-read interactive format that can be viewed anytime on a desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

VetConnect PLUS eliminates the need to look in multiple places to gather a patient’s test results, because all patient data is automatically integrated for easy comparison and trend spotting. Veterinarians can compare and cross-reference current results with up to 10 years of historical results on a single screen. Interactive graphs let clinicians trend one or multiple parameters as well as click on any data point to see its source, run date and test value. Users can also request additional reference laboratory tests and email results to clients or specialists from the same screen.

“We are very pleased to be able to offer Canadian practices the benefits of VetConnect PLUS, currently being utilized by 8,500 customers in the United States,” said Jonathan Ayers, President and CEO. “Now customers in Canada will be able to gain richer medical insights into their patients’ health by graphically trending all IDEXX diagnostic data and more easily interpreting a patient’s health over time. With VetConnect PLUS, these practices can also better enhance their clients’ experiences by sharing pet owner-friendly reports and diagnostic summaries.”

Engaging, easy-to-read diagnostic summaries for preventive care appointments and vector-borne disease screens demonstrate the value veterinary clinics provide. These reports help involve pet owners in their pets’ health care and convey the importance of regular practice visits. In addition, it’s simple to track and manage emails, reports and other information shared with clients and referral clinics using the VetConnect PLUS communications log.

VetConnect PLUS is available now. VetConnect customers can activate at by clicking on the red banner after logging in. Canadian practices who do not use VetConnect may obtain login credentials by calling 1-800-667-3411.

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