IDEXX Catalyst Dx Chemistry Analyzer Chosen by More Than 10,000 Veterinary Practices Worldwide [Trade]

These practices are reporting significant growth in their diagnostic testing and other revenues as a result of adding the Catalyst Dx analyzer to their in-house laboratories.1

WESTBROOK, Maine, May 07, 2013—IDEXX Laboratories, Inc. announced today that the Catalyst Dx Chemistry Analyzer is providing more than 10,000 veterinary practices worldwide with real-time diagnostic results during patient visits, while growing their diagnostic revenue. Customers who upgrade to the Catalyst Dx analyzer are, on average, growing their usage of their in-house lab by more than 25%.1 In addition, Catalyst Dx analyzer customers benefit from the integration capabilities of IDEXX VetConnect PLUS, a powerful new way to view diagnostic results online.

“The Catalyst Dx analyzer is helping us grow our in-house diagnostic revenue,” said Stevie La Stella, Practice Manager at The Pet Hospital, Bessemer City, North Carolina. “We’ve even increased prescription sales because we can diagnose patients within 15 minutes and begin treatment that day.”

Countryside Veterinary Clinic of Wrentham, Massachusetts, recently purchased the Catalyst Dx analyzer and a ProCyte Dx Hematology Analyzer, making them the 10,000th practice to add the Catalyst Dx analyzer to their in-house laboratory. “We’ve always known dry chemistry was the way to go,” said Robert Massucco, Jr., DVM, Practice Owner. “The Catalyst Dx analyzer integrates with our ImproMed Infinity software, which I love. We’re going to capture more in-house laboratory business because of the efficiency and the diagnostic panels we now have. And VetConnect PLUS is a bonus; the ability to trend results from both the reference laboratory and our in-house laboratory is fabulous. That capability is nowhere else in the marketplace.”

VetConnect PLUS, available to all customers in North America, is a cloud-based service that seamlessly captures, integrates and displays all diagnostic results—in-house, IDEXX Reference Laboratories or both—side-by-side, on one screen. The information, available instantly, lets veterinarians use interactive trending graphs to quickly spot results that are out of normal range for individual patients. The results are available anytime, anywhere, on a desktop, tablet or smartphone, and can be shared easily with pet owners to help explain their pets’ health and why regular preventive care visits are so important.

“The ability to view all patient results, whether they were run in-house or at IDEXX Reference Laboratories, is transforming the way veterinarians use diagnostic information to practice medicine,” said Tina Hunt, PhD, IDEXX Marketing Director. “In addition, the seamless back-and-forth information sharing between IDEXX analyzers, like the Catalyst Dx analyzer, and practice information management systems, keeps revenue in the practice that might otherwise be lost through missed charges.”2

The Catalyst Dx analyzer provides comprehensive diagnostic insight into patient health during their visits, including GGT, albumin, chloride, phenobarbital and a urine protein:creatinine ratio available only from IDEXX. Menu flexibility and comprehensive panels allows the Catalyst Dx analyzer to provide a low cost per test. Preloaded test CLIPs, 28 individual tests and the ease of customizing let practices run only the tests they choose. In addition, onboard centrifugation and automated pipetting increase efficiency and save technician time.

More and more veterinarians worldwide continue to trust the Catalyst Dx analyzer and the VetTest Chemistry Analyzer for their diagnostic needs. For more information, visit or call 1-800-355-2896 for an in-clinic demonstration.

About IDEXX In-house Analyzers
IDEXX analyzers help veterinarians provide Real-Time Care: timely answers that allow face-to-face conversations with clients, increasing their understanding and improving treatment plan compliance. The IDEXX analyzers’ in-house diagnostic capabilities include clinical chemistry; electrolytes; hematology with an advanced five-part differential and reticulocyte count, band neutrophil and nucleated red blood cell parameters and body fluid analysis; endocrinology; blood gas; coagulation; urinalysis; and infectious diseases. The IDEXX VetLab Station, an in-house laboratory information management system, integrates results from all the analyzers and SNAP point-of-care tests into a single comprehensive and easy-to-use patient report that facilitates client communication. IDEXX VetConnect PLUS brings all IDEXX diagnostic results togetherin-house, reference laboratory or both—for faster, more confident diagnoses. In addition, IDEXX in-house instruments are supported by IDEXX SmartService Solutions, which delivers proactive service over the Internet.

About IDEXX Laboratories
IDEXX Laboratories, Inc. is a leader in pet healthcare innovation, serving practicing veterinarians around the world with a broad range of diagnostic and information technology-based products and services. IDEXX products enhance the ability of veterinarians to provide advanced medical care, improve staff efficiency and to build more economically successful practices. IDEXX is also a worldwide leader in providing livestock and poultry diagnostic tests and tests for the quality and safety of water and milk. Headquartered in Maine, IDEXX Laboratories employs approximately 5,400 people and offers products to customers in more than 175 countries.


IDEXX Laboratories
Tina Hunt
Director, IDEXX VetLab Chemistry


  1. Data on file at IDEXX Laboratories, Inc., Westbrook, Maine, USA.
  2. Practices can miss up to 17% of diagnostic charges. For the average practice, that can add up to $60,000 in five years. Average-size practice is defined as 3–4 doctors. Their average revenue from diagnostics is $6,000 monthly. 17% of that figure is $1,020. Data on file at IDEXX Laboratories, Inc., Westbrook, Maine, USA.