IDEXX Reference Laboratories Announces an Easier Way to Submit Cardiopet proBNP Tests [Trade]

Now there is a simpler, quicker work flow for assessing heart health in dogs and cats.

WESTBROOK, Maine, August 22, 2013—IDEXX Reference Laboratories introduces a simplified process for veterinary practices when submitting a specimen for the feline or canine Cardiopet proBNP Test. This enhancement makes specimen preparation easier and shortens the work flow for submission by eliminating the need for the special pink-top tube, which was previously required.

The Cardiopet proBNP Test provides insight into canine and feline heart health. NTproBNP, the most stable cardiac biomarker, is released when heart muscle undergoes the type of excessive stress and stretch seen in heart disease. The Cardiopet proBNP Test measures the level of NTproBNP circulating in the blood, helping veterinarians to determine if further diagnostics are warranted.

“The Cardiopet proBNP Test is an additional diagnostic tool the veterinarian can use when evaluating a healthy patient suspected of cardiac disease due to the presence of an abnormal heart sound or rhythm,” said Melissa Beall, DVM, Medical Affairs Marketing Manager at IDEXX. “For older cats, the test is available as part of a comprehensive panel that also includes tests to assess thyroid and renal health. For dogs with murmurs, the test is recommended in conjunction with radiographs as part of the overall heart disease management plan. And if used as a low-cost preliminary test, the Cardiopet proBNP Test results can improve compliance by helping clients understand the risks of heart disease and the need for additional diagnostics.”

Now veterinarians can order the test as needed without ensuring the availability of specialty tubes in the practice. The option to use serum for cats simplifies the specimen preparation and work flow by eliminating the need to draw an extra tube of blood. In addition, the extended dynamic range on the canine test, now up to 10,000 pmol/L, allows veterinarians to more easily monitor increases in NTproBNP that may be associated with greater disease severity.

For more information, visit To order the Cardiopet proBNP Test, call for a consultation with one of our internal medicine specialists at 1-888-433-9987, option 4.

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