IDEXX Reference Laboratories Introduces Two Ways to Make Allergy Testing and Treatment Even More Convenient [Trade]

New Aller-g-detect Allergen Preliminary Panel and GREER Aller-g-complete Drops provide simple, effective alternatives to test and manage patients with atopic dermatitis

WESTBROOK, Maine, August 20, 2013—IDEXX Reference Laboratories announces two new additions to the GREER Aller-g-complete system. Available now, the Aller-g-detect Allergen Preliminary Panel is a simple, low-cost serum test that detects the presence of allergen-specific IgE antibodies for four common allergen groups. IDEXX will also offer sublingual immunotherapy with GREER Aller-g-complete Drops to give patients and clients an alternative to injection therapy.

The Aller-g-detect Allergen Preliminary Panel and GREER Aller-g-complete Drops expand the leading allergy system from GREER and IDEXX Reference Laboratories. Now veterinarians have two new tools to help improve allergy testing and treatment compliance for their patients with atopic dermatitis.

Studies suggest as many as 90% of dogs could benefit from immunotherapy but aren’t receiving it.1 “Both the allergen preliminary panel and sublingual immunotherapy reduce costs and complexity to make allergy testing and management more widely accessible. These new tools can help to increase testing and compliance and, ultimately, improve the health of many more patients by creating a better conversation between clients and veterinarians about allergy,” said Terri Bonenberger, DVM, DACVD, Dermatology, IDEXX Laboratories.

The allergen preliminary panel is a cost-effective way to quickly test appropriately diagnosed atopic patients for the presence of IgE antibodies against four common allergen groups: mites and molds, grasses, weeds, and trees. A positive result indicates the presence of allergen-specific IgE antibodies, which can be used to encourage compliance by validating the need for comprehensive testing and reinforcing the benefits of immunotherapy. For these patients, further evaluation using the complete regional panels offered with the GREER Aller-g-complete system from IDEXX can help determine specific allergens for inclusion in immunotherapy prescriptions.

With the introduction of GREER Aller-g-complete Drops from IDEXX, veterinarians can offer pet owners the option of oral therapy as an alternative to subcutaneous immunotherapy injections. GREER Aller-g-complete Drops also offer a simple once-a-day dosing schedule to make it more convenient for pet owners to administer.

GREER Aller-g-complete from IDEXX offers veterinarians simple, convenient testing for allergen-specific IgE and the choice of subcutaneous or sublingual immunotherapy. Results are available within 2–4 working days, and customized immunotherapy prescriptions compounded by GREER Pharmacy can be delivered within one week.

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1Data on file at IDEXX Laboratories, Inc. Westbrook, Maine USA.

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