IDEXX Laboratories Announces New Features for VetConnect PLUS [Trade]

Enhancements include a communications log and pet owner-friendly diagnostic reports that help veterinarians demonstrate value in preventive care appointments.

WESTBROOK, Maine, November 13, 2012—IDEXX Laboratories has announced the release of version 1.5 of IDEXX VetConnect PLUS, which provides convenient access to a patient’s historical diagnostic results, anytime, anywhere, from a desktop, laptop or tablet.

The newest version adds an easy-to-access communications log for all emails, reports and other information shared on each patient, ensuring that information sent to clients and referral clinics is simple to track. Version 1.5 also provides pet owner-friendly diagnostic reports for preventive care appointments and vector-borne disease screens. These engaging, easy-to-read reports help demonstrate the value veterinary clinics provide and reinforce the importance of preventive care in a patient’s ongoing health history. Because VetConnect PLUS is a cloud-based web service, the new features are immediately available to all IDEXX customers.

“In just four months, over 2,700 practices have adopted VetConnect PLUS,” says Brad Brazell, Director, Marketing and Program Management, IDEXX Integrated Practice. “The newest features assist veterinarians further in sharing patients’ medical stories with clients in a more meaningful way. By viewing all of a patient’s diagnostic results on one screen and graphically trending data on VetConnect PLUS, veterinarians gain richer medical insights into their patients’ health. Simple, intuitive graphs increase veterinarians’ ability to quickly interpret and share a patient’s health over time by clearly illustrating whether results are normal or abnormal for individual pets.”

The communications log keeps track of all VetConnect PLUS communications, whether shared with clients via IDEXX Pet Health Network Pro’s Petly online pet pages or emailed directly to pet owners or referral clinics and consultants. Using the log, veterinarians can audit, reprint, re-email or re-share historical communications, alleviating the need to search for files or keep track of communications manually.

Pet owner-friendly diagnostic reports are customizable to reflect individual clinics and patients and to focus on specific organ systems. The doctor’s notes section is also customizable or veterinarians can choose from a variety of prewritten comments. Dynamic illustrations and clear explanations are easy for pet owners to digest, helping them understand the importance of regular preventive care and vector-borne disease screening.

VetConnect PLUS is simple to activate and is provided to all IDEXX customers at no incremental charge. A history of a patient’s blood work is available when reported from IDEXX in-house analyzers through the IDEXX VetLab Station, IDEXX Reference Laboratories, or both, with up to 10 years of historical results on one screen and the capability to easily graph individual test results over time.

For more information or to activate VetConnect PLUS, visit or call 1-888-433-9987, option 1.

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Todd Paige
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