IDEXX SNAP Beta-Lactam ST Test Certified by the AOAC Research Institute Performance Tested Methods Program [Trade]

Independent testing confirms detection capability of penicillin G at or below 4 parts per billion

WESTBROOK, Maine, September 06, 2012—IDEXX announces that its innovative SNAP Beta-Lactam ST Test (certificate #061202) has been independently evaluated and certified by the AOAC Research Institute Performance Tested Methods Program. The SNAP Beta-Lactam ST Test was found to perform to IDEXX’s specifications for detection of penicillin G at or below the European Union maximum residue limit of 4 parts per billion.

The SNAP Beta-Lactam ST Test provides accurate, reliable detection of antibiotic residue in milk without the use of a heat block. Now with certification from the AOAC Research Institute (AOAC-RI), milk processors, producers and haulers can use SNAP Beta-Lactam ST to test samples with even greater confidence.

“The AOAC Research Institute is working toward a vision of worldwide confidence in analytical results. We are honored that the SNAP Beta-Lactam ST Test has received its certificate of Performance Tested Methods Status,” says Travis Waldron, PhD, IDEXX Research Scientist.

“IDEXX is committed to quality, consistency, accuracy and efficiency in dairy testing,” adds Cathy Costa, IDEXX Regulatory Affairs Specialist. “AOAC-RI’s independent validation of our own findings for the SNAP Beta-Lactam ST Test is confirmation that we’re meeting those commitments for ourselves and our customers.”

Using the SNAP Beta-Lactam ST Test, an independent laboratory verified that the test kit is capable of detecting Penicillin G in multiple milk types with a detection level at or below 4 ppb. All unfortified milk samples gave negative results. All milk samples fortified with penicillin G gave positive results. In all cases, visual interpretation and reader results were in agreement and no false positives or false negatives were observed during the testing.

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The AOAC Research Institute is a subsidiary of AOAC INTERNATIONAL. The AOAC Research Institute certifies commercially available rapid analytical test methods for use by food safety personnel. AOAC INTERNATIONAL is a globally recognized, independent, not-for-profit association founded in 1884. AOAC serves the analytical sciences community by providing validated methods and technical standards that give confidence in analytical results.

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