IDEXX Laboratories Introduces the SNAP 4Dx Plus Test as the Most Comprehensive Vector-borne Disease Screen [Trade]

USDA-approved test screens for 6 pathogens to help veterinarians learn more about the vectors and diseases affecting their patients and communities

WESTBROOK, Maine, April 17, 2012—IDEXX Laboratories, Inc. (NASDAQ, IDXX) announces the launch of the SNAP 4Dx Plus Test, the most comprehensive vector-borne disease screen available on a single platform. With two new claims for Ehrlichia ewingii and Anaplasma platys, the SNAP 4Dx Plus Test screens for 6 total pathogens using just one sample. Incorporated into preventive care protocols, this new test provides important information about individual patient health as well as the vector-borne disease risks for the entire local patient population.

With the SNAP 4Dx Plus Test, any positive result is an indication of the presence of vectors that may also carry additional pathogens, giving practitioners greater insight into the vectors and diseases found in their area. For veterinarians, knowing the potential risk factors their patients face empowers them to make targeted medical recommendations, reinforce preventive measures and alert pet owners to potential risks to all family members.

"The SNAP 4Dx Plus Test helps veterinarians understand more about the vectors and diseases for which both pets and people in their communities could be at risk," said Melissa Beall, DVM, PhD, IDEXX Medical Affairs Manager. "Using SNAP 4Dx Plus for annual screening can inform the most effective diagnostic and preventive recommendations for a given geographic area. It's in this way that the SNAP 4Dx Plus Test also serves as an important tool for client communication and building practice value."

With new claims for Ehrlichia ewingii and Anaplasma platys added to the Lyme disease, Ehrlichia canis, Anaplasma phagocytophilum and heartworm analytes in IDEXX's flagship SNAP 4Dx Test, the SNAP 4Dx Plus Test becomes the most comprehensive vector-borne disease screen available. Veterinarians will find the SNAP 4Dx Plus Test offers the same familiar and easy-to-use testing platform.

"We worked with 14 institutions and 3 private veterinary practices to validate SNAP 4Dx Plus' utility as a screening test for Ehrlichia ewingii, generating more than 8,000 data points," said Beall. Results of the study were presented at the 2011 ACVIM Forum in Denver, Colorado.

Utilizing proven ELISA technology, IDEXX SNAP tests provide actionable results, every time. The SNAP 4Dx Plus Test is also USDA-approved for use on the SNAPshot Dx Analyzer. For more information about the SNAP 4Dx Plus Test or the complete line of IDEXX SNAP tests, call 1-800-248-2483, option 4, or visit

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