Launches New Informational Tools for Veterinarians, Clients [Trade]

WESTBROOK, Maine, February 08, 2012—, the online authority on ticks and tick-borne illnesses, is now an even greater resource for veterinarians and their clients. The website has been redesigned to include new educational tools for pet owners, such as maps showing the incidence of tick diseases across the country, a risk assessment for dogs and information on a wide range of ticks and the diseases they carry. The refreshed site also incorporates several interactive features to engage and inform visitors about tick-borne illness.

Visitors to can now monitor how common tick-borne diseases are by referencing interactive maps. IDEXX Laboratories, which created the website, updates the maps weekly with testing data from across the United States and Canada. State-by-state and county-by-county statistics are also available.

"We're pleased to be able to offer veterinarians a comprehensive website about ticks as an additional resource for their clients and staff," says Melissa Beall, DVM, PhD, IDEXX Medical Affairs Manager. "Pet owners will find information at that reinforces what their veterinarians communicate and underscores the need for tick preventive measures."

One of the most helpful aspects of the redesigned site is a risk assessment for dogs developed using guidelines from the nonprofit Companion Animal Parasite Council (CAPC). Pet owners can fill out a simple form to determine their pets' risk of contracting multiple tick-borne illnesses. The risk assessment results generate health tips that help raise pet owners' vigilance in protecting their dogs from parasites and start related conversations with their veterinarians.

"We are proud supporters of the CAPC, because we share the common goal of partnering with veterinarians to educate pet owners about diagnostic screening and disease prevention. And we're very pleased that we're able to add their parasitology expertise to the site," says Beall.

IDEXX Laboratories created as an educational resource about the prevalence and risks of tick-borne diseases for pet owners and veterinarians. The website does not endorse any individual product but serves as an informational source with tools that include interactive prevalence maps for tick-borne diseases based on nationwide diagnostic screenings.

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