IDEXX Announces Real-Time Care Work-Flow Consultations

Helping veterinary practices find efficiencies for improved patient care, increased client value and better profitability

WESTBROOK, Maine, January 11, 2012—IDEXX Laboratories, Inc. announces the launch of IDEXX Real-Time Care work-flow consultations for veterinary clinics that wish to provide better patient care and an enhanced customer experience through a more efficient work flow. Trained consultants provide feedback and suggest processes to help streamline the clinic work flow in ways that positively affect all areas, from patient care to client value and profitability. Practices across the country that participated in the pilot program have already seen measurable improvement.

"After the work-flow consultation, we experienced a 49% increase in in-house blood work, and our reference-laboratory business is up 16%," said Peter Brown, DVM,1 owner of Chuckanut Valley Veterinary Clinic in Burlington, Washington. "Most important, we've created a better overall experience for our clients; they're happier, more compliant and, in the end, I believe, more loyal to our practice."

Trained experts consult with staff about their hospital's goals and observe current procedures and interactions in order to identify areas of opportunity within their current work flow. The consultants summarize their findings and recommendations in a report and facilitate discussion with the practice staff on potential solutions.

"The whole experience was very positive," said Rachel Hahn-Teichberg, head veterinary technician at All Creatures Veterinary Hospital in Salem, Massachusetts. "Our consultant took a backseat, watched us work and asked a lot of questions when we were done. It was business as usual for us while she was at our practice. Afterward, she gave us a lot of great insight and an unbiased outside opinion."

"Many veterinary practices feel that things could improve, but they aren't sure where to start or what changes will have the most impact. That's how we can help," says Hilda Sastre, IDEXX Real-Time Care Work-flow Consultant and Lean Six Sigma Black Belt. "They may be aware of certain areas to work on, but there are often other areas that they haven't considered that we can bring to their attention. Sometimes very small changes in procedures or habits can create great time savings for staff and clients, too."

Not only does a more efficient work flow allow veterinarians to spend more time with patients, but it also enables staff to run diagnostic blood work, receive results, make treatment recommendations and prescribe medications during client visits. Clients' compliance improves as they receive answers, along with all their pets' needs, such as dietary recommendations and prescriptions, before leaving the clinic. In addition, increased efficiency helps optimize staff skills, fostering a stronger team atmosphere so employees experience a higher level of job satisfaction. Ultimately, work-flow improvements can lead to better patient care, enhanced client experiences and a more profitable practice.

Practices interested in requesting an IDEXX Real-Time Care work-flow consultation can fill out a request form at or email

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Hilda Sastre
Real-Time Care Work-Flow Consultant

  1. Dr. Brown has a business relationship with IDEXX and he receives compensation from IDEXX from time to time. The views expressed in this announcement are solely those of Dr. Brown.