IDEXX Announces IDEXX PRRS X3 Ab Test

WESTBROOK, Maine, October 13, 2011—IDEXX announces the U.S. release of its IDEXX PRRS X3 Antibody Test for porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome (PRRS). The USDA-licensed indirect enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) detects PRRS antibodies in serum starting as early as eight days after exposure. This single-well assay delivers two significant improvements over its predecessor: 99.9% specificity, and a 90% reduction in false-positive singleton reactors. It's also proven to detect a broad array of PRRS isolates from around the world. Since 2004, laboratories and veterinarians in 74 countries have used IDEXX PRRS tests more than 20 million times due to its high degree of accuracy, ease-of-use, and reliability.

"By delivering unprecedented specificity with fewer false positives, the IDEXX PRRS X3 Ab Test lets laboratories run more smoothly without needing to plan their schedule around confirmation tests," says Olivier te Boekhorst, Vice President and General Manager, IDEXX Livestock and Poultry Diagnostics. "As laboratories outside the U.S. have found, dramatically reducing confirmatory testing means veterinarians get reliable results more quickly. That, coupled with the test's ability to detect multiple PRRS strains, allows veterinarians to provide faster diagnoses that help their customers make more confident, informed decisions about herd health. This is especially important with regard to PRRS, as it's one of the most economically devastating diseases in swine production, with annual losses in the U.S. alone estimated at over $664 million."

The PRRS virus genome changes very quickly, so a test that detects different serotypes is essential for efficiently managing the virus. The IDEXX PRRS X3 Ab Test is proven to detect antibodies against U.S. and European strains. In addition, the test has successfully detected the recently isolated Eastern European strain.

"Since implementing the IDEXX PRRS X3 ELISA in April of last year we have been very pleased with the performance," says J.K. Johnson, DVM, Department of Veterinary Diagnostics and Production Medicine, College of Veterinary Medicine, Iowa State University. "It has good plate-to-plate repeatability and the data indicates a dramatic improvement in specificity. Client responses are overwhelmingly positive with the switch to the IDEXX PRRS X3 ELISA."

For more information or to order the new IDEXX PRRS X3 Ab Test, please contact Lisa Lemieux, IDEXX North American Sales, at 1-207-807-3822 or

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