IDEXX SNAPshot Dx Analyzer Adds Feline Pancreas-Specific Lipase Testing Capabilities

The IDEXX SNAPshot Dx Analyzer now automatically reads and records results for the new SNAP fPL Test, improving care and efficiency with what can be a challenging diagnosis

WESTBROOK, Maine, August 04, 2011—IDEXX Laboratories, Inc. announces that the IDEXX SNAPshot Dx Analyzer’s testing capabilities have been expanded to electronically read and record results for the SNAP fPL Test. The SNAPshot Dx Analyzer can now automatically download SNAP fPL results directly into the electronic patient record. This reduces the risk of lost charges and the amount of hands-on technician time, for more streamlined work flows and improved practice efficiency.

“The addition of SNAP fPL to the SNAPshot Dx lineup gives practitioners a new and valuable tool to help deliver comprehensive patient care in minutes,” said Alex Miller, Senior Director of Marketing, IDEXX Rapid Assay. “Used in conjunction with other IDEXX in-house equipment, the integrated report can now include pancreas-specific results along with basic blood chemistry and hematology for a more complete, all-in-one feline diagnostic record.”

With the availability of SNAP fPL for SNAPshot Dx Analyzer, practitioners can now choose from a robust qualitative testing menu that also includes the SNAP Heartworm RT Test, SNAP Feline Triple Test, SNAP 4Dx Test, SNAP FIV/FeLV Combo Test and SNAP cPL Test. This is in addition to the quantitative menu, which includes the SNAP Total T4, SNAP Cortisol and SNAP Bile Acids tests.

IDEXX SNAP rapid assays have provided fast, accurate real-time results using unique, precise ELISA technology since their introduction in 1992. Originally, veterinary professionals could only read the tests visually and record the results manually. With the SNAPshot Dx Analyzer, practices now have the option to “snap,” or activate, the SNAP fPL Test, load it into either of two ports and let the instrument take care of the rest. The analyzer reads the assay results at the right time and, through the IDEXX VetLab Station, automatically downloads the data into the electronic medical record—all during the patient visit. Results are then incorporated into the IDEXX VetLab Station’s easy-to-read integrated diagnostic report for a more complete picture of a patient’s health. The SNAPshot Dx Analyzer ensures results are read at the appropriate time and recorded, freeing up more time for staff to manage patients.

The SNAPshot Dx Analyzer helps to standardize practice protocols, creates more efficient work flow by running multiple patient samples simultaneously and increases practice revenue by significantly reducing costly missed charges through automation. Automatically capturing patient information in the electronic record also drives consistency with records-keeping guidelines from the American Animal Hospital Association.

For more information about the IDEXX SNAPshot Dx Analyzer and the entire line of SNAP tests, please call IDEXX at 1-800-355-2896 or visit

About IDEXX VetLab In-house Analyzers
IDEXX VetLab veterinary analyzers are highly integrated and the fast results on patients’ blood and urine help veterinarians provide Real-Time Care during the examination visit. Timely answers allow face-to-face discussions about results with clients, aiding pet owner understanding and improving treatment plan compliance. The IDEXX VetLab analyzers’ in-house diagnostic capabilities include clinical chemistry, electrolytes, hematology with an advanced five-part differential and reticulocyte count, endocrinology, blood gas, coagulation, urinalysis and infectious diseases. The IDEXX VetLab Station, the in-house laboratory information management system, integrates results from all the analyzers (including the newly introduced ProCyte Dx Hematology Analyzer) and SNAP point-of-care tests into a single comprehensive and easy-to-use patient report that facilitates client communication. The information in the IDEXX VetLab Station’s electronic database is stored for easy future reference and historical results trending. In addition, most IDEXX VetLab instruments are supported by IDEXX SmartService Solutions, which delivers proactive service over the Internet.

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