IDEXX Laboratories Introduces the SNAP fPL Test for Feline Pancreas-Specific Lipase [Trade]

New in-house assay provides more information at the initial workup to help veterinarians quickly rule in or rule out feline pancreatitis

WESTBROOK, Maine, April 20, 2011—IDEXX Laboratories, Inc. announces the launch of the SNAP fPL (feline pancreas-specific lipase) Test, the first pet-side test developed to measure feline lipase levels specific to the pancreas. Delivering accurate results in just 10 minutes, the SNAP fPL Test helps veterinarians quickly rule in or rule out pancreatitis and discuss next steps with concerned pet owners during the patient visit.

Diagnosing feline pancreatitis can be difficult, especially as most cats present with nonspecific GI signs. Included as part of the initial workup, the SNAP fPL Test provides valuable diagnostic information sooner to help determine if pancreatic inflammation is likely, speeding time to treatment.

“Pancreatitis in the cat may require thorough investigation to diagnose definitively, and often it’s associated with concurrent disease,” said Melissa Beall, DVM, PhD, IDEXX Medical Affairs Manager. “By measuring pancreas-specific lipase levels as part of a minimum database, the SNAP fPL Test helps veterinarians quickly prioritize their list of differentials while creating the opportunity to communicate important health information to worried clients during the initial examination. Recognizing pancreatic inflammation early in a sick cat can have a significant impact on patient care and disease management.”

The SNAP fPL Test provides a semiquantitative “normal” or “abnormal” result to help practitioners efficiently answer pet owner concerns and move forward with further diagnostics and/or treatment. With abnormal results, veterinarians may choose to run the fully quantitative Spec fPL Test at IDEXX Reference Laboratories to further evaluate the severity of disease or to help monitor response to treatment.

The new SNAP fPL Test uses ELISA technology for trusted accuracy. For more information about the SNAP fPL Test or the complete line of IDEXX SNAP tests, call 1-800-248-2483 or go to

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