PetDetect® Pet Identification System

Custom-printed collars to identify pets and their belongings


The PetDetect® Pet Identification System allows you to thermally print the information you choose directly onto the exclusive PetDetect® collar media. The system provides ease of care and handling in all types of environments: veterinary practices, kennels, boarding facilities, and shelters.


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PetDetect Pet Identification System

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See PetDetect in a veterinary practice
Watch Hudson Road Animal Hospital describe how PetDetect has made a significant difference in their day-to-day operations.

For every pet, for any situation

Use PetDetect to easily identify patients by name, breed, age, sex, color, medication and behaviors.

  • Veterinary practices may choose to print patient name, breed, age, sex, color, medication, reason for visit and behavior profile.
  • Kennels and boarding facilities may choose to print pet’s name, owner’s name, reason for stay, play or exercise note, special needs, arrival and departure dates, grooming indicator, behavioral profile and cage number. 
  • Shelters may choose to print pet’s name, breed, sex, animal ID, cage number, spay or neuter status, intake date, source/owner information, behavioral profile, special needs or location found.


PetDetect collars can also be used to identify pet belongings, such as food, toys, leashes, blankets and carriers.

PetDetect® collar media is available in standard and small-animal widths and can be printed in 6", 12", 18", 24" or 30" lengths. Collar media is also offered in a variety of colors.
Reduce mistakes with medications or procedures
Clear identification of prescriptions, reason for visit and necessary procedures helps your staff provide an outstanding level of service. See how easy—and important—it is to establish a pet identification protocol at your practice.
Eliminate smearing, tearing or deciphering handwritten information
Even with the best of intentions, homegrown identification systems can create problems with misspellings or smeared, indecipherable handwriting. Not with the PetDetect system.
At-a-glance recognition for every type of patient
Create your own system for color-coded collars to immediately recognize surgical patients, pets with behavioral concerns or other alerts.

Cost-effective, comprehensive identification


The PetDetect® Pet Identification System works with the IDEXX Cornerstone® Practice Management System, AVImark®, Kennel Link™, Kennel Connection (Blue Crystal Software), K9 Coordinator (K9 Bytes®), KennelSoft™ (Atlantis), KennelSuite (Plane Software), Infinity (ImproMed®), PetLinx (Software Revolutions), IntraVet® (Patterson Veterinary), PetTech Pro, Shelter Pro and Chameleon Software (HLP, Inc.).

PetDetect printer
With the PetDetect printer, information is thermally engraved onto the exclusive PetDetect collar media and repeated every 6 inches. This enables the handler to view the data regardless of the collar’s position on the neck. And once it’s printed, it’s permanent.
PetDetect collar media
PetDetect’s exclusive collar media comes in a variety of colors and 6", 12", 18", 24" or 30" lengths. Each 6-inch section has two peel-off sections on the back of the collar to expose the adhesive, which allows the handler to select the appropriate length.
PetDetect starter kit
The PetDetect starter kit gives you everything you need to get started at your practice today for one low price:
• Printer
• Driver download disc
• 110 VAC power supply
• USB cable
• Spacer
• One roll of PetDetect collar media
For more information, contact your IDEXX Practice Solutions™ representative at 1-888-224-4408 or your software provider.

What your peers are saying


[PetDetect] saves time, and that’s definitely important. When we’re trying to get charts ready for appointments and surgeries, we don’t have time to handwrite 5 collars in 30 minutes—but we can print 30 collars in 5 minutes.

Cameron Meckfessel, Receptionist. North Tollway Pet Hospital • Dallas, Texas


When a patient arrives at the clinic, AAHA requires the use of an identification collar of some type. PetDetect helps us comply because it keeps the name, all the patient’s information and contact details right on the animal.

Marcy Ward, Practice Manager. Hudson Road Animal Hospital • Woodbury, Minnesota


Question and answers


Is the PetDetect® Pet Identification System compatible with my practice management software?

The PetDetect System works with these software systems: IDEXX Cornerstone®, AVImark®, Chameleon Software (HLP, Inc.), ImproMed® Infinity, IntraVet® (Webster Veterinary), Kennel Connection (Blue Crystal Software), Kennel Link™, K9 Coordinator (K9 Bytes®), KennelSoft™ (Atlantis), PetExec®, PetLinx (Software Revolutions), PetTech Pro, and Shelter Pro.


Where can I find the PetDetect printer driver?

Follow the steps below to download the printer driver for the PetDetect® Pet Identification System. Once installed, you can print the information you choose directly onto the exclusive PetDetect collar media.

  1. Click on PetDetect Printer Driver to start the download.
  2. Once the download is complete, start the self-extracting executable by double clicking the file.
  3. Carefully follow the on-screen instructions to properly install the driver and close the dialog box when complete.
    Note: If installing on the network using a print server, please contact your technical support staff for assistance.
  4. When printing for the first time, the printer will align the media. This will eject and cut a small portion of the media prior to printing the first collar or label. During this time, the printer error light may be lit; although no action is required.
    Note: It is possible to share the PetDetect printer among a number of workstations. Printer sharing instructions are available in the PetDetect Install and Support Guide; contact your technical support staff with any further questions.


Who can I contact for technical support?

Your practice management software provider is best able to provide technical support for questions related to the PetDetect system. You can find a complete list of contacts for supported software providers and installation tips here. (PDF)


If I have Cornerstone software, where can I find collar media templates?

PetDetect collar and label templates may be found on the Cornerstone® Community. Look within the Cornerstone® Document Templates Forum.